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H2020 5G Infrastructure Phase 3 Project

Funded Collaborative 5GPPP Project, titled: “Beyond 5G Multi-Tenant Private Networks Integrating Cellular, Wi-Fi, and LiFi, Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Intent Based Policy”, started November 2019, ended February 2023.

01 Problem

Private networks gaining momentum, but it requires: i) integration with legacy IEEE 802.11 technologies; ii) flexible integration with the public 5G networks; iii) easy operation; and iv) specific functionalities such as cm-level positioning in industry scenarios.

02 Approach

The project showcased two pilots: an Industry 4.0 pilot at Bosch's Madrid factory and a smart tourism pilot at Bristol's M-Shed Museum. These real-world implementations tested and demonstrated the project's innovative solutions in industrial and tourism sectors, respectively.

03 Solution

The project integrated 5GNR, Wi-Fi, and LiFi into a unified system for private networks, enhancing services in vertical industries with needs for eMBB, URLLC, and precise positioning. The final Executive Summary highlighted the value added, lessons learned, and future research directions.

Project Partners


5G-CLARITY proposed an overall archiecture, composed of several strata, developed a multiconnectivity framework, a multitechnology positioning technique, and an intent based management, with an interface using natural language. The 5G-CLARITY platform includes a management plane for private 5G networks that allows to configure infrastructure-based slices.

The Approach

01 / Project Offer

Proposed architecture for 5G Private Networks archiecture, composed of several strata.

02 / Direction

Introducing 5GNR/Wi-Fi/LiFi multi-connectivity framework for private networks.

03 / Development

Multitechnology cCm-level localization and synchronization capabilities.

04 / Launch

AI-driven and intent-based network management.

The Solution

Some of the good practices learnt through the integration of the 5G-CLARITY technologies in the two project pilots are discussed here. These good practices can be helpful to other R&D projects that expand on the use of 5G in private networks:

  • Stability of open source 5GSA core networks.
  • Availability of 5GSA compatible devices.
  • ORAN interoperability problems.

For further insight you can look at the project’s Executive Summary.

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